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Can YOU say these? Learn 15 effective tongue twisters in English. I share my speech struggle with my big tongue, and how I overcame my lisp. Free pdf: Lingoda Offer: (Code: LUCY17) - Get a 7-day free trial with 3 free lessons AND 20euro/22usd off your first month (not applicable for packages below 60 euro) Ad - Thank you to Lingoda for sponsoring this video. DO YOU WANT TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM LUCY? Sign up here: Don't forget to turn on subtitles if you need them! This is how I generate my subtitles (you can get a $10 subtitle coupon too): (affiliate) Visit my website for free PDFs and an interactive pronunciation tool!​ MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Personal Channel:​​​ (I post subtitled vlogs of my life in the English countryside! Perfect for listening practice!) Instagram: @Lucy​​​​​​​​​​ My British English Pronunciation Course is now LIVE: (use code YOUTUBE10 for a 10% discount!) Do you want to improve your pronunciation? I have launched my British English (Modern RP) pronunciation course! I’ll train you to read phonetic transcriptions, and produce each sound that comprises modern received pronunciation. I’ll also teach you how to implement the correct use of intonation, stress, rhythm, connected speech, and much more. We’ll compare similar sounds, and look at tricky topics like the glottal stop and the dark L. Technically, I need to mark this as an AD even though it is my own company so - AD :) Want to get a copy of my English Vocabulary Planners? Click here: - The best offer is the 4-book bundle where you get 4 planners for the price of 3. This product is very limited - don't miss out. The English Plan will be shipped from early August, from me here in England to you across the world! We ship internationally! Watch my explainer video here: Practice speaking: Earn $10 free italki credit: (ad affiliate) Improve listening! Free Audible audiobook: If you like my lessons, and would like to support me, you can buy me a coffee here: FREE £26 Airbnb credit: (ad - affiliate) Email for business enquiries ONLY: [email protected] Edited by Connor - [email protected]


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hello everyone and welcome back to english with  lucy today i am going to train your pronunciation  
we're going to be going through some tongue  twisters together tongue twisters are sentences  
or rhymes that are really hard to say they're  very useful for letters of english because they  
often involve repeating difficult sounds over and  over again or two similar or conflicting sounds  
over and over again as always i have the free  pdf that goes along with this lesson it has  
all of the tongue twisters and some extra  bonus ones that you can use to practice with  
if you'd like to download the pdf click on the  link in the description box you sign up to my  
mailing list and it will be sent directly to your  inbox when i was young when i was a child a little  
girl i used to really struggle with certain  elements of speech and there was one big reason  
my tongue i had and i do have a tongue that is  much larger than average i will swallow my pride  
and show you my problem my big problem but first  i need to thank the sponsor of today's video it  
is lingoda your new language school you can  attend this language school at your own pace  
24 7 from the comfort of your own home  cut the travel time not the quality  
lingoda has an interactive curriculum with average  class sizes of just three to four students and  
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click on the link in the description box  use code lucy17 and claim your free trial  
and your discount code what are you waiting for  right let's get started with the tongue twisters  
i used to really struggle with the s sound i  still do struggle a little bit and the reason  
why is i have a very big tongue that especially  when i was very small was too big for my mouth  
i can also do some tricks anyway i think we i  think we digressed slightly the point of that  
i was to explain that when i was younger i did  used to really really struggle with the s sounds  
they used to come out like instead i would call  myself luthi instead of lucy we call this a lisp  
which is an incredibly cruel word because it has  the s sound in it so if i used to tell people  
what i had i i said that i had a lip now i still  have a tiny bit of a lisp and i'm absolutely fine  
with it in fact my first boyfriend told me that  he thought it was cute so after he said that i  
felt really good about it but i did go through  times of feeling insecure and i used to train  
myself to kind of push my tongue further back into  my mouth these tongue twisters that i have today  
are difficult sentences involving these difficult  sounds that you can repeat over and over again  
they will be a struggle i promise and by repeating  them and getting your tongue used to being  
in certain positions and your mouth used to being  in certain shapes you will eventually become more  
accustomed to producing these sounds correctly it  is possible to a certain extent i did it myself  
with my lisp i have got 15 pronunciation tongue  twisters for you they focus on different sounds  
we're going to start with some consonants that are  commonly mispronounced misproduced by students and  
then we'll move on to some vowel sounds as well  let's start with tongue twisters focusing on the s  
sound and the shh sound as well okay let's  start with this one it was very popular when  
i was younger i think it's quite a famous one  i'm going to give you some time to try and say  
it aloud for yourself just to practice your  reading and pronunciation so please go ahead
okay it should be she sells seashells  
by the seashore now if you say it over and  over again it gets more and more difficult
she sells seashells by the seashore she  sells seashells by the seashore she sells  
seashells by the seashore hey you wait till i  get onto the uh and all ones they really make  
me struggle let's do another one with this set of  phonemes try this one i'll give you a few seconds
it should be she thinks she'll see  a seal she thinks she'll see a seal  
she thinks she'll see a seal she thinks she'll  see a seal so those are two really nice ones  
for practicing this and shh sounds let's  move on to tongue twisters using the er and  
sound speakers of asian languages tend to find  these two sounds quite difficult for speakers  
of some languages this will be so easy but for  speakers of asian languages in particular it can  
be a real challenge try saying this one three  times okay i'll give you some time to do it
okay it should be red lorry yellow lorry red  lorry yellow lorry red lorry yellow lorry  
oh i struggled at the end red lorry yellow  lorry red lorry yellow lorry red l'oreal  
it's so hard what about this one try saying this  one three times i'll give you some time go ahead
okay it should be truly rural truly rural  truly rural truly rural truly rural number five  
say this one three times to practice  your uh and all sounds go ahead
okay red blood bad blood red blood bad blood  red blood bad blood red blood bad blood  
red blood bad blood red blood blood blood oh  i said blood blood hard okay now i have three  
that focus on the b and v sounds and these are  usually very difficult for speakers of spanish  
but they're still difficult for everyone else  including me so let's try this first one go ahead
ready veil the bed with the bed valance veil  the bed with the bed valance veil the bed  
with the bed balance if i said that enough  times i would struggle what about this one
the view of the valley is very beautiful  the view of the valley is very beautiful  
the view of the valley is very beautiful  
that was a nice one that wasn't so hard  this one however is hard give this one a go
betty loves the velvet vest best vetti vettie  i messed up already betty loves the velvet vet  
best best oh i'm struggling vetti vetti his cute  name betty betty loves the velvet vest best vetti  
what is my problem see they're very difficult i've  picked them really well this last one isn't with
these are produced in the same way
has voice and is unvoiced give it a go
77 benevolent elephants 77 benelephant elephants i  already messed it up 77 benevolent evolence ah 77  
benevolent elephants 77 benevolent elephants hard  if you're struggling with your and sounds that's a  
really good one okay last we will look at the f  and sounds i've just got one for you but it's a  
toughy it is a very tough one so i'm going to give  you a bit of time to try it before i do it for you
okay fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had  no hair fuzzy wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy was he
fuzzy was he was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had no  hair fuzzy wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy was he  
so at the end we say was he instead of was he and  finally we have a couple that focus on the f and  
the sounds i know a lot of students struggle  with these sounds again they are produced  
in the same way but one has  voice and one has no voice
i'll let you have a go first be my guest
okay now i shall try i'm going to have to read  this one because it's a bit complex the 33 thieves  
thought that they thrilled the throne throughout  thursday oh it's the f and er sound that i  
personally find difficult throughout throughout  the 33 thieves thought that they thrilled the  
throne throughout thursday the 33 thieves thought  that they thrilled the throne throughout thursday
with this last one we're looking at  and you will often hear people saying  
free instead of three or fanx instead of  thanks it's easy to get these sounds confused  
and this also forms a part of regional dialects  an example being cockney thanks have a go at this
okay now it's my turn through three  cheese trees three free fleas flew  
while these fleas flew freezy breeze blew  freezy breeze made these three trees freeze  
freezy trees made these trees cheese freeze that's  what made these three free fleas sneeze nailed it  
nailed it means did it perfectly but we often use  it in a sarcastic way so if something doesn't go  
to plan and it's obvious that it didn't you can  say nailed it okay we're done with consonants for  
now let's focus on some similar vowel sounds  the first one focuses on ah and uh as in dark
okay how much wood would a wood chuck  chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood  
i love that one how much wood would chuck chuck  give a woodchuck could chuck wood did i say that  
right how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a  woodchuck could chuck wood this next one focuses  
on the e and e sounds and again a lot of my  students struggle with this many languages  
only have the e sound they don't have that short  e sound it's important to differentiate between  
these two sounds because if you look at the  words beach and sheet if you were to say them  
with the short if sound they would both be rude  words i'll let you try this one first go ahead
okay i slit a sheet a sheet i slit upon a slitted  sheet i sit i slit a sheet a sheet i slit upon a  
slitted sheet i sit finally the last one this  focuses on the oi sound oy it's a diphthong
please take your turn before me
okay i'll have a go any noise annoys an  oyster but a noisy noise annoys an oyster most  
any noise annoys an oyster but a noisy noise  annoys a noise to most what a ridiculous  
sentence ah i absolutely loved this tongue  twister lesson i hope you enjoyed it too  
i've got all of these tongue twisters written  down on that free pdf you can download that  
and i have included some bonus ones for you  to try click on the link in the description  
box you enter your name and your email address  you sign up to my mailing list and i send it  
straight to your inbox and every week you get a  new free pdf worksheet another big thank you to  
lingoda who sponsored today's video click on the  link in the description box and use my code lucy17  
for your free trial and your discount after your  free trial don't forget to connect with me on  
all of my social media i've got my facebook my  instagram and my website very exciting there's a  
great pronunciation tool on there see if you can  find it i will see you soon for another lesson
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